Tuesday, March 9, 2010

quick update

Wow its been so long! Everythime I think about blogging i shove it away casue I have other things I could be doing and just dont have the time! working at wells fargo and school pretty much consume me. Well im going to update really quick than get back to my long list of things to do on my day off!

February- Had a wonderful valentines day filled with suprise dinner from brett after church and my beautiful necklace from Lisa leonard desings! dont have a pic. bummer. Brett seriously is the best he had my sister come to our house set up oreganos and a beautiful table so when we came home from church our house smelt delicious and everyting was ready! totally suprised! oh ya we moved in to a ouse temporarily! its beautiful and i love that we only have to pay electric! The house is on short sale so were living in it so it doesnt get broken into or anything! we are so blessed! I have been bust decoratin it and making it our temporary home!
I also celebrated my 21st birthday! Brett again suprised me with a gondola ride, dinner and a suprise party with my closegirl friends and family. it was awesome. My sister sarah also got me MICHAEL BUBLE tickets!!!CANT. WAIT.
March- still in school and working, Brett and I bought tickets to HAWAII for our honeymoon/1 year wedding anniversry! we leave MAY 21st!! So excited!
Jake and kendal got married so here aresome pics. sorry this post is boring! ill do a post about our ouse in a little bit!