Saturday, June 27, 2009

We got mail!

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So yesterday I called my Mom and was telling her about my horrible day when she asked me if I had gotten anything in the mail. I said I had not checked it since Sunday, she told me to check it when i got home cause a package was being sent, I asked her who sent it and she said she could not tell me, than being the sweet and innocent person she is she said "who is the most generous in our family?" I immediately knew it was from my oldest sister Sarah. Sarah is the nicest most giving person I have ever known, she would literally give me the shirt off her back if I asked for it. There have been so many times when I have had a bad day or been going through a rough time and Sarah has been there with a lunch date or a sweet gift. SHE IS THE BEST!

So back to the package, Today we were finally able to go pick it up at out complex office I went there thinking it was just going to be a normal little package but no it was a huge box, my face was glowing when i walked back out to the car to meet Brett, he even commented on how happy i looked!! Hello its mail!!! Of course I get overly excited!!! So we get home and we open it and what is inside???? 4TH OR JULY STUFF!!! Decorations, bubbles, Old Navy 4th of July shirts, my favorite candy, 4th of July cups and straws, nerf guns, chalk (which I had just told Brett I wanted to do!!) and of course the greatest 4th of July movie... SANDLOT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I made Brett put his shirt on right than with me and I have been wearing it ever since!!
So Sarah Thank you so much for thinking and missing us enough to send this sweet package! You are the greatest example to me and hope some day I can be as kind, positive, giving, selfless and sweet as you are. I am seriously amazed at your amazingness!!! (No its not a word, I made it up!!) We love and miss you tons, thanks for sending a piece of home to us, it helped a lot.
Love you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Diving For Dollars

So for the past 2 weeks we have been working towards this incentive. For every sale we got serviced throughout the two weeks we got 10 seconds. The time added up was the time you got to spend in the pool diving for quarters and dollar coins. There was 200.oo worth of coins. I came in second place with having the most time and got 48.00, Brett got 32.00 in half my time! He is the best! So we got 80.00 together! Not bad and it was way fun! We think that is going to be our "Angus Barn" money. Angus Barn is a restuaraunt here that is pretty much and land mark and way expensive!! But everyone here loves it. So I think were going to use it to treat our selves to some good hearty stakes!!! (Please ignore my ugliness in this photo)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Month

Today is Brett and I's 1 month anniversary!! Cant believe a whole month has gone by! Married and out the door to North Carolina! We are so happy and love life together. The other night after watching "he's just not that into you" we decided to tell each other why we feel in love with each other. I told brett"everything" and honestly I'm not just saying that I love everything about him. I guess the main thing that made me fall in love with him was the way he treated and respected me. I never felt like he was judging or looking down on me and that's how I knew he loved me. Brett is so real and i love that about him. Brett said he fell in love with me because he knew how much I cared for him. I'm glad that came through in my actions becasue I love Brett more than anything and only wanted and still want only the best for him. Brett is my best friend, the shoulder I cry on after a long hard day, the person that makes me laugh and my biggest supporter. Thank you for all the sweet texts from friends and family today wishing Brett and I a happy 1 month, may not seem like alot but it's special and meant alot to me. I felt so loved! Heres to another month!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every day I check blogs and see who has updated, I get excited when anyone does but especially when my good friend Carla updates her's. She has such a way of writing and inspiring others. I always leave her blog with a new understanding of something or just a feeling of being lifted as I read her blog. Everyone who reads my blog should check Her out as I'm sure the same feelings will be left with you. Today after reading Carla's blog about keeping your options open and grasping whatever comes your way it got me thinking about my own life and things I have let happen or need to happen. Some times i have control over them sometimes I don't, either way i hope to master keeping my options open and moving along with change. This week in NC so far it has been rainy and gloomy since Monday, makes for a great day of cuddling up on a couch and reading a great book but since that's not an option for me I have to trudge along and sell come rain or come shine. I cant control the weather but I can control my attitude about it and by doing so I have been successful even through the rain. As Elle Woods would say, "Snaps for Emily!"
On another note concerning keeping our options open I decided that Europe is gonna have to wait to see me. The more I thought about it the less excited I got. I figure by the end of September I'm going to just want to come home and relax, not backpack Europe for 3 weeks! So insted of Europe, Hawaii is one of our options, Again were keeping our options open.
In closing I just want to say that the best things in life have come to me by keeping my options open and accepting lifes little gifts and changes as they come. Never in a million years did I think I would start dating Brett this past February and be married in May! Brett is such a blessing to me and I am so grateful Heavenly Father knows a little... well a lot more than us. Brett and I continue to do well in sales and of course miss eveyone back home. Love you all!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This past Saturday the Moxie crew all went camping. I got Brett and I out of the sleeping over part by saying it was to humid and hot for me to sleep outside (because it totally was) but any ways Brett and I stayed till late and than slept in the comfort of our own soft bed while everyone else roughed it out and came home with sore bodies. Suckas! So the part we stayed for was fun though Brett is genius and went and bought a wiffle ball and bat and we had the best time playing. Thanks Brett for bringing the entertainment!! We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and just chilled with the team it was a good time and the woods are of course always beautiful. I brought Bretts camera which doesnt have a cord for the computer so sorry there are no pictures hopefully my friend Jen will be able to put some on her blog soon!! Also on another note Brett and I think we are going to Europe after we are done selling this summer!!! We figure we should go now while we have money, time, our young bodies and no kids runnin around!! So we will see, we have to keep selling well!! Well we love and miss you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

fathers day craft, dad dont look at this blog please!!!

So today is Sunday and I was so bored so of course I was blogging and I came across a blog that had ideas for fathers day, so I decided to put something together for my Dad. It's so easy and I know my Dad will love it because the only thing he would ever say he wanted for Fathers Day is "happy kids" so I put this little craft together, all you do is decorate a little box and write reasons you love your dad on paper and stick them inside. Its homemade and for most dads those are the best gifts. Mine could be a lot cuter if I had more stuff to work with but Jer-bear's gonna love it! I LOVE MY DAD!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


After reading mama Carla's Blog about all the little things she is grateful for I decided that staying positive and remembering the things I am grateful for is HUGE while I am out here.... so here I go. Just yesterday while out walking around climbing up hills to peoples doors I started getting a little negative but than I said to myself "what is something good about this?" "Exercise, I'm getting free and hard exercise all day long!" I laughed and from than on I started selling again. It's amazing how the little things can really change things around. Out here in NC its like I am in the mountains everyday, there are beautiful trees everywhere and its so green. I love it. I am so grateful for my family, now my two families! They are both so much fun and Brett and I are truly blessed. They both helped out so much with the wedding and continue to help us out. I am grateful for my friends. I have the greatest and most real friends. We can go sit on the west wood baseball field for hours just talking, eating candy and drinking our energy drinks and enjoying every second of it. I love the simple times with my girl friends, I'll always remember them. I am grateful for our free internet service here in our apartment cause than I can blog... I'm grateful for warm showers after a long day of walking, a soft comfy bed to rest in and of course my husband Brett who supports me daily and loves me! Thinking of just a few of the things I am grateful for really has put me in a great mood. It's so important to remember the little things because they make a huge difference.! Try it out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raleigh NC Temple

We missed church on Sunday so we decided to go check out the Temple. Its so small compared to Mesa. You have to make appointment to go but like all Temples, it is beautiful. Here are a few pics.