Saturday, December 19, 2009


As you know Brett and I were both sick for like a week and a half so on Thursday Brett suggested we go to Disneyland.... so we did! We drove up Thursday went all day Friday and drove home Saturday. A much need vacation and Disneyland is magical at Christmas time!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I have posted so I decided that while looking and feeling like this it was the least I could do. If your feeling bad about yourself feel free to laugh and laugh and laugh at this picture. I'm pretty sure I have swine flu. My body aches all over, I have a fever, my nose is running like a waterfall and my ears are clogged. I have no energy and take at least 3 hot showers a day. Awesome. I just showed Brett the 2 pictures I was putting on here and he advised against it... so ya enjoy it while it lasts, you wont ever see me looking like this again!

This is where I have been the past two and a half days and some of the things keeping me alive.

On another note earlier this week when I was not on my death bed I made this.. I'm in love, its a magnet board that will be hung in my house someday. The frame use to be gold. I got it at D.I. like 2 years ago and have always wanted to do something cool with it. Finally!!! Brett cut the metal for me but I still somehow managed to cut my finger even without scissors or the responsibility of cutting it. Yep. Thanks babe. Oh and I got the dang cute magnets and tins at Michaels in the dollar section!

Well hope everyone is happy and healthy. Some day soon I will be!

Friday, November 20, 2009

just some jewlery i want

Pictures via forever21

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So in 15 minutes I will be an instant mother of 2 babies! Im excited and kind of nervous! I'm watching my good friends and her sisters kids till saturday! Guess we'll see how good of a mommy I'll be when that day comes around! Hope Brett's up for 4 days of daddy duty! Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Pick up the cutest true religion jeans, juicy suites, purses, jewelery and more at the boutique! Christmas is coming up, get something for others...... or yourself!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween PARTY!

Our Halloween party was a success and SOOOO much fun!!! We had a great turn out, yummy food and festive friends! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of everyones costumes! We had Trolls, indians, band directors, football players, witches,doctors, swine flu (yes some one dressed up as that!) and so much more!!!
Here is the cast of harry potter! They made a guest appearance!
A "Queen Creeker" Miranda, Eve the Pirate and I, an Indian.

Our winners of the best couple costume contest! Brett Michaels and Daisy!! Ty and Dani
Rock of love!!

Some cowgirls capturing their indian
Some of the girls!

The hottest pilot of the night!!!

Cheers to a great party!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am happy to say that I have been busy the past 2 weeks!!! And not with crafts! I'm working now! I am back to door to door sales selling DISH Network but I really like it. I can make really great money and work when I want. I have been doing really well and am excited to have an income again!! So if you want DISH I am the girl to talk to!!
Also last week I was able to give Laura her Bridal shower. I think it was beautiful and had so much fun throwing it. I made my favorite fall treat, pumpkin cupcakes!! yummiest frosting eva!! here are a few pics.


My amazingly talented friend Jen at Just For Rachel is having a give away!! Check out her blog HERE to see what, and how cute it is!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Schnepf Farm's Fun!

This past Saturday I was invited to schnepf Farms out in Queen Creek with my older sister Sarah and younger brother and sister Annie and Sam. It is tradition for Sarah to take them every year so I was excited to be invited! Here a few things we did while on the Farm!

Took a train ride around the farm. At night people jump out and scare you!

Stuffed our own Scarcrow!

Launched balls at pumpkin targets

Rode, well peddled Go carts... I sat out on this one;-)

Climbed some serios rock walls...

Dude trying to smile in my picture.

Oh ya, you bet I made it to the top... barely.

The Crew, ya my eyes are for sure closed.... geez

Thanks for a great Fall memory SARAH!!!

There is also, small roller coasters, and other rides, corn mazes pony riding, hay rides and so much more! Take your little kids, tickets are only $12 at Frys!
Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding madness!!

So on Thursday Brett and I attended a wedding at ValVista Lakes. As I was sitting waiting for the ceremony to start I couldnt help but remember and reflect on my wedding day. A miracle truly happened on my wedding day. I had been sick all week long with a cold, runny nose, headache, itchy eyes, just bad news. The night before I recieved a blessing from my Dad and wha-la! My wedding day I was just fine, my nose stopped running, no itchy eyes, no headache for the entire day! So blessed! The next day however I was back to my sick self by 7:00 pm and Brett had to baby me and just let me go to sleep after getting to our hotel room. It was truly a miracle that on my wedding day I was fine and after all of it was over I was sick again! I'm so grateful for the health and strength I was given for that special day and know it was no coinsidence.
Also while sitting there and seeing the large lake and swimming pool around us I thought, Dude if I was not a member and just got married wherever, how sick would a wedding in a pool be??!!! Bride in a white swim suit, groom in pinstripped boardshorts and everyone else just chillin in the pool, you know just like a normal wedding but in a pool. I though it would be pretty insane! Definatly a first! I shared my thoughts with Brett and he laughed, but I could tell he was imagining how cool that would be!!! So those were my thoughts as I attended this wedding.

Kind of like this but EVERYONE in swim suits!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

some crafts

I tried to post a lot of pictures, casue lets be honest, we all love a post with a lot of pictures and a few words.

What do we have here??
An E for Dean and Laura Eaton, I think it turned out nice!
Some clippes for my hur! ah I mean hair.... buy the fabric made like this on clearance at Joannes, glue a clip and button on and there you have it.

Hi, my names Emily and I'm an alcoholic.... kidding. For real. My sister in law saw this in my room and decided to put this on my new pretty bottle. "Scotch, scotch, scotch I love scotch!" -Anchorman
1Without the label I think it awesome! I also picked this little jar up at Goodwill for a buck!
And some old milk bottles. Love them!
Put together a little Thanksgiving decor....
Made my own decor balls. Idea from Thats so cuegly. I still need a few more to fill my jar but i sure love them!
Thats all folks.