Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yay for Brett!! The past 2 weeks our office had an incentive going on where we got different prizes depending on how much we sold. Brett and I both got our top incentive and got to choose from a number of differnt things. Brett chose an xbox360 even though that now makes 3 xboxes!!! and I chose a gift certificate.

Also we got another package in the mail, we got our insurance cards and SWEET CAKES!!! From Bretts to sweet mom Lisa!! Thanks mama!! It made our day!! Its so funny that she would send that cause literally i was thinking... well dreaming about being back at home and eating sweet cakes!!! So amazing!

On another note...one that i am not very proud of... i hit some trash cans today and shattered the passenger side mirror. I felt like such an idiot. I was driving and looking at a map page when BAM i was swerving and next think i knew i had no mirror. I called Brett and told him and quite honestly laughed a little about it cause i couldnt believe what I had done! Oh well, Thank good ness for an Uncle who can get us a new mirror for cheap!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Night in North Carolina

Saturday is a great day here in NC. Know why? Cause we get to sleep in the next day and don't have to knock doors!! YAYAA!! So earlier this week Brett and I bought a bunch of chicken and some sauce to grill. We invited Jen and Brian over (Jen is my only girl friend here!) and we grilled chicken and steamed asparagus! Yummy! We than went to Barnes and Noble to hang out before our movie started... ya were cool, hangin out an B&N on a Saturday night!! Whoop Whoop!

We than went to an ice cream place called Maggie Moos Ice Cream, its exactly like cold stone but more colorful and fun! Best thing about it... the dude gave Brett and I our ice cream for FREE!!!! No reason besides that fact that were AWESOME! We than went to our movie and topped it off with sleeping in till eleven today!! Great weekend!

Help My Eye

Woke up this morning with this!!! My right eye is puffy on top, if you cant tell.... it feels so weird. I feel like Quazzy Moto (no idea how to spell it) over here! I feel like its half shut. Have no idea how it came to be but hope it goes away before tomorrow... might scare people on the doors... yikes! This ever happened to anyone else?? Do tell.

Monday, July 20, 2009

half way there

For the past week I have been trying to think of something to blog and update about... the truth is... THERE IS NOTHING TO BLOG OR UPDATE ABOUT WHEN YOU AND HUSBAND ARE SELLING PEST CONTROL 9 HOURS A DAY!! So my face does all the explaining on how I'm feeling half way through our looooonnnnnggggg summer far from home in NC.

Also I'm sure you can all tell that I have "let myself go in a way" by the awesome picture... I wear no make up, don't brush or do my hair (I do shower daily) because all I do is talk to strange people all day who could care less how I look. I am so looking foreword to coming home in September and wearing normal clothes everyday and dressing myself up again! I miss it dearly!

Brett and I are both doing well we miss and want to come home but are working hard while were here. We will be visiting home September 4th for Granny and Papa's 60th!! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE FAM-DAMILY!!!
Hugs and Kisses!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This weekend we all went to Wilmington (yes, where one tree hill is filmed) and we went to the beach! It was sooo fun!!! The water is a little warmer than the west coast which was just perfect!! We spent the entire day laying out, swimming in the ocean and chillin with friends! That night we all went to Carabbas which was delicious and fell asleep pretty quickly after getting some serious sun exposure! Brett got so burnt... poor Brett:-(
I dont have any pictures so hopefully Jen or Erin will put some up soon!!