Friday, May 29, 2009

A little North Carolina

Hello hello I finally had some time where I could take a few pictures of our life here in NC. 1st picture- my new cool shoes. Walking around all day makes my feet hurt so bad, I tried sandals, but the flatness of them hurt my feet, I tried my running shoes but they hurt and smashed my toes... so today I went and bought these cute things. Picture #2 I have sweet blood as Brett would say and have already been bitten 17 times on my two legs!!! Oh did I mention that I got one on my forehead? Didnt think that was possible! #3 This is Brett on our lunch break, after a little nap it's off to play star wars video games..... ya Star Wars! Moving on, the last pic is of our way cute apartments!! So cute right? It gives ya a little taste of how the homes around here look, they are beautiful, no stucco, its all brick with cute metal siding and amazing porches and columns!! Every house is different and so beautiful. Well thats all i had time for. Also Brett got 4 his 2nd day of selling and 4 the next day as well!!! AMAZING!!! Hope all is well back home!
Love B&E

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love my Brett

I love Brett. It's been a full week that we have been married and everyday I love him more and more. Yesterday was a rough day for me, as I worked sooo hard and only could pull out one sale to an old guy who probably only bought cause he was lonely and wanted to talk. So about 9:00 when it FINALLY got dark here I sat on the curb and started sobbing, I called my best friends Kim and Jadey and talked to each of them, I than called my Dad and we talked and I told him about my horrible day, he than asked how married life was and that was the only thing that kept me happy and calm while on the phone with him. I love Brett so much and appreciate all he does for me. My dad probably thought I was the biggest weirdo when i started crying just telling him how much I love and appreciate Brett and how worried I was about his first day selling! So than I got home and Brett was waiting for me, he could see I had been crying and on top of that I am still sick after two weeks, so I looked like a hot mess, took me in his arms and asked me what happened. Brett has such a way of making everything bad in the day go away and brings out the good in it. He was still so proud that I had got a sale and held and talked me through my pain. He had cinnamon rolls in the oven which makes anyone happy and coming home to him just made me realize how blessed I am to have him here with me everyday. Wow it must be the birth control because I am emotional! I'm crying my eyes out just writing this!! So any ways I miss everyone terribly and wish I could be home but I am so grateful for my Brett and our Heavenly Father who truly knows us and loves us.
Love you,

Monday, May 25, 2009

We made it!!!

Hey Ya'll!!! Our summer adventure has officially started!! WE MADE IT TO NORTH CAROLINA!!! 31 hours later and were here!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Trees are everywhere, peoples homes are dreamy and everything is green!!! It's humid but not hot like AZ. We got in on Sunday and got our apartment settled, which is so awesome by the way and around so much awesome stuff!! Today Brett stayed in and trained while I went out and brought home the bacon with 3 sales. People are really nice here and some have some awesome accents! Brett on the way over here actually started talking with an accent when we were at a drive through.... it was something else. Well just wanted to updat everyone and let ya know were safe and sound and loving being together!! Everyone pray for Brett that he will do awesome tomorrow!!! Love you!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bridal Shower

My shower was this past saturday and was so wonderful! People are so generous and I felt so loved!! Thank you to everyone who helped out, espically Kim who made an amazing vidoe that i had no idea about!!!! Here are a few pics.
Ya you better believe that they wanted me to wear that skirt the wholetime.... i got out of it!
Me and the girl responsible for it all!! Kimmy!

My head wrap and Kylie.. oh and I'm in here to somewhere.

My mama and sisters!!

My beautiful soon to be sister in laws, mother in law, Granny and neices

Jane Wright decorated... enough said!!!! A-mazing!