Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I have posted so I decided that while looking and feeling like this it was the least I could do. If your feeling bad about yourself feel free to laugh and laugh and laugh at this picture. I'm pretty sure I have swine flu. My body aches all over, I have a fever, my nose is running like a waterfall and my ears are clogged. I have no energy and take at least 3 hot showers a day. Awesome. I just showed Brett the 2 pictures I was putting on here and he advised against it... so ya enjoy it while it lasts, you wont ever see me looking like this again!

This is where I have been the past two and a half days and some of the things keeping me alive.

On another note earlier this week when I was not on my death bed I made this.. I'm in love, its a magnet board that will be hung in my house someday. The frame use to be gold. I got it at D.I. like 2 years ago and have always wanted to do something cool with it. Finally!!! Brett cut the metal for me but I still somehow managed to cut my finger even without scissors or the responsibility of cutting it. Yep. Thanks babe. Oh and I got the dang cute magnets and tins at Michaels in the dollar section!

Well hope everyone is happy and healthy. Some day soon I will be!


  1. Oh I totally know how you feel!! I've been sick on the couch the last 2 weeks due to morning sickness. all I keep thinking is 10 weeks down 30 more to go! Love the Magnet board! It's adorable!

  2. Oh man being sick is the WORST- feel better! Cute craft! I love the frame!!

  3. Get better girl! being sick is the worst!

  4. Um how did I now know that you're dying???
    Call me if you need anything!!!
    That board is so cute!
    I remember when you got the frame!

  5. Oh thats the pits! So sorry! Get feeling better. And that magnent board is darling

  6. Feel better!

    your magnet board is adorable.

  7. i love that you would put a picture of your sickly self! haha i definatley dont have the woudlnt be pretty. i hope you feel better! & cute magnet board :)