Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hawaii in pictures

Brett and I finally made it on a honeymoon/1 year anniversary! we went to Oahu for a week and had the best time!

Learning to throw spears the the polynesian cultural center

Shark Cove, we just ot done snorkling! We saw huge sea turtles and pretty fish!

some dude who climped the coconut tree in like 10 seconds, than posed for us!

His calfs arebigger than my head! he was also hilarious!!

Pearl Harbor, probably my favorite thing we did.

Pauli look out! sooooo windy!

U.S.S. Missouri Battle ship! Awesome!

U.S.S. Arizona, such an amazing memorial.

Our friend K.C. Sheri and their new swwet baby boy Royal.Loved seeing thema and sending time with friends!

Some parade with all the army, navy, coast guard and air forcegoing onthe saturday we got there, not sure what it was forbut it was awesome and made me gratful to live in America.


  1. looks like you guys had fun. i hope you enjoyed your last vacation just the two of you. things will never be the same after that baby, but it will be fun!

    Brent, Miranda and Reg

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip! We did Hawaii and didnt do Oahu, I am so bummed we didn't!

  3. What a fun trip! It's funny looking at pictures and knowing exactly where you are if thats not at all creepy! I Love Oahu, I keep telling Scott I want to move there. Hopefully he'll give in sometime!!

  4. How fun is that! I want to go to Hawaii so bad! Good thinking going NOW it'll be harder for big trips after the baby comes (:

  5. hey thanks for the shout out! you're going to look great at 35 weeks!! looks like you had an awesome trip to hawaii .... totally jealous!

  6. Emily, I couldn't find an email address for you, so this is going to be a long comment. You most likely don't know who I am, but I went to school with your brother Brent and Brett was close friends with my brother Adam growing up. We were in your same stake and I know your family well. I've actually thought about Brett a few times over the years and was happy to stumble across your blog. You two are adorable! Will you please tell him hello from Emily Hinchey and let him know how much I've appreciated his example. I don't think he and Adam talk much anymore, but I've always appreciated his concern for him. Please tell him hello from me and congrats on your little one! :D