Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As of late...


Wow it's been so long since I have really blogged about something! so here it goes... I finished my internship at Fennemore Craig and miss it terribly. I worked with the BEST people! They threw me a baby shower on my last Friday and I got some way cute stuff! Any ways, since then I have been doing a few crafts all for my little girl Claire, above are some diaper wipe cases I made for my diaper bag, I'm keeping the black one and giving the red one away. So easy and so cute!
Below are some belts for my belly!! My sister in law Miranda and her sister made these so I had to join in! Thanks Myla and Miranda! Oh and my wonderful Mother and Aunt Julie for all the fabric!!!

Here is one of them on my ever growing belly! Love it!
Made some into a head band for myself....
And a few for Claire!
I also made these kind of flowers recently and am in love with how they turn out!! Again so easy and so adorable! I glued some on of her beanies to spice them up a bit! And yes here I am 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Large and in Charge!!


  1. I love love love all the crafts you've made for baby Claire! So is going to be a doll! Your belly is so adorable! LOVE IT!

  2. Whatever you are still SO tiny! Cute little belly you have! Love the crafts (:

  3. You're looking darling Emily! All the crafts are so cute! I loved making cute belts to wear with my belly!

  4. cute cute and more cuteness!!! good job Emily- you are so crafty!! your little Claire is gonna be so stylish:) luv that name by the way. This is why i hope i never have a girl-i will fail miserably at making all these cute "accessory"s for little girls.

  5. Emily you look so cute!! LOVE the headbands and belts!! :)

  6. I love the crafts!! You should sell them so that I can buy them :)

  7. I LOVE YOU!! You are the cutest best pregnant friend ever!! Love all of your headbands! REALLY though I want to pay you to make me some! I love you and claire.. to death! :) Love your craftiness P.S. i think i'm just full of love right now and want to share it with you! so Love you bestie you are amazing and beautiful!