Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Horrors

Before I ruin your eyes with pictures of my nasty self on Halloween look at my cute cousins baby as the hungry caterpillar... too cute!
A pregnant pirate and her "Booty"Saturday night at a friends party, I look HUGE!!!!
On Friday night at couples Bunko Brett and I went as a shotgun wedding, the dress was so uncomfortable!! I was not about to wear that thing again!
How sick is this? Don't answer.
Next year will be way more fun with a little one to dress up!


  1. Oh you look darling in both costumes! You'll have so much fun next year with your little babe! :D

  2. woooohoooo!!! you're gonna be a momma in less than a month!! i love that weddings dress, is it vintage?

  3. p.s. you should start wearing your retainers again, those teeth are sicknasty. just an idea.