Friday, February 4, 2011


I stole a shirt from Target the other day.... Spacey much?? Yup! Heres the 411...
I went to Target right after Zumba on Tuesday night so I didn't have my diaper bag/purse so I was carrying my keys, phone and wallet in my hands. I shopped around for myself for a bit than went to the mens section and saw really cute mens shirts, picked one out and put it over my shoulder so I could carry my keys, phone, wallet, new shirt and a new skirt to buy. I than made my way over to the baby section shopped around for a bit and realized I lost the mens shirt somewhere along the way (or so I thought) I was to lazy to go get another one or go looking for the shirt that I thought I had left somewhere so I made my way up to the cashier checked out and started to drive home. More than halfway home I felt like my bra strap was falling off my shoulder so I went to grab it and pull it up but instead it was the mens shirt falling off my shoulder!!! I felt like such an idiot! I called Brett to tell him what I had done and turned around to return it. I went to guest services and said
"Hi I was just here and pretty much stole this shirt, I walked out with it on my shoulder and didn't notice it till I was driving home, so I'm just bringing it back."
The guy with a very confused look on his face said
"ok..... thanks for your honesty."
"Ya for sure."
(walked out as quickly as possible.)
For sure getting a cart next time.


  1. Haha! You did it so others could smile from the story while bored at work :)

  2. haha this is so funny. i feel like i am spacey like that all the time. i think it's normal for us new mommys...atleast i tell myself that. ps claire is gorgeous! i keep waiting for you to post more pictures...
    hope everything is going well for you and you are enjoying motherhood!

  3. This post made me laugh. I have taken quite a few things over the years (most of them in my baby carrier). I wish I could tell you it gets better...but I am learning it doesn't. I use to think my mom was kind of spacey sometimes and now I am realizing, no she had 8 KIDS!!! The more I try to multi task and get things done the more of a mess I seem to make.

  4. hahaha SOOOO something I would do! Awh Em I miss you, no one makes me laugh like you!!