Saturday, April 30, 2011

worst blogger eva! heres an update!

Our little family on Easter!! Claire is 5 months old now and the best baby ever!!!! we love her!!

Easter with her daddy! she sure loves him!

Claire also loves sitting up in her bumbo! such a big girl!!

She loves to suck on her toes and never relaxes! Her feet are always up when she is on her back and her abs are so strong!!


  1. She cannot be that old! She is such a little doll. Your family is adorable, em!

  2. She is darling Emily! It was fun seeing you the other day...hopefully you got a nice tan sitting out there all day!

  3. so cute! and i love your hair color em!

  4. Since when do you have a baby?!!! I didn't even realize you were prego! Congrats! She is darling and so are you!

  5. Em, your little kiddies did good today in church, I especially loved the boy in the back who acted it out :)
    I tried to find you to say hello, but you were outta that chapel fast!

  6. Ahhhh-dorable:-) Love the flower headband! xoxo