Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every day I check blogs and see who has updated, I get excited when anyone does but especially when my good friend Carla updates her's. She has such a way of writing and inspiring others. I always leave her blog with a new understanding of something or just a feeling of being lifted as I read her blog. Everyone who reads my blog should check Her out as I'm sure the same feelings will be left with you. Today after reading Carla's blog about keeping your options open and grasping whatever comes your way it got me thinking about my own life and things I have let happen or need to happen. Some times i have control over them sometimes I don't, either way i hope to master keeping my options open and moving along with change. This week in NC so far it has been rainy and gloomy since Monday, makes for a great day of cuddling up on a couch and reading a great book but since that's not an option for me I have to trudge along and sell come rain or come shine. I cant control the weather but I can control my attitude about it and by doing so I have been successful even through the rain. As Elle Woods would say, "Snaps for Emily!"
On another note concerning keeping our options open I decided that Europe is gonna have to wait to see me. The more I thought about it the less excited I got. I figure by the end of September I'm going to just want to come home and relax, not backpack Europe for 3 weeks! So insted of Europe, Hawaii is one of our options, Again were keeping our options open.
In closing I just want to say that the best things in life have come to me by keeping my options open and accepting lifes little gifts and changes as they come. Never in a million years did I think I would start dating Brett this past February and be married in May! Brett is such a blessing to me and I am so grateful Heavenly Father knows a little... well a lot more than us. Brett and I continue to do well in sales and of course miss eveyone back home. Love you all!


  1. Oh Wise One!
    It was SOO GOOD talking to you yesterday!
    And I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty happy you're not going to Europe!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love your header picture. Congratulations on your marriage. I know exactly what you mean about never in a million years believing how you met and all. Have a great day!