Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yay for Brett!! The past 2 weeks our office had an incentive going on where we got different prizes depending on how much we sold. Brett and I both got our top incentive and got to choose from a number of differnt things. Brett chose an xbox360 even though that now makes 3 xboxes!!! and I chose a gift certificate.

Also we got another package in the mail, we got our insurance cards and SWEET CAKES!!! From Bretts to sweet mom Lisa!! Thanks mama!! It made our day!! Its so funny that she would send that cause literally i was thinking... well dreaming about being back at home and eating sweet cakes!!! So amazing!

On another note...one that i am not very proud of... i hit some trash cans today and shattered the passenger side mirror. I felt like such an idiot. I was driving and looking at a map page when BAM i was swerving and next think i knew i had no mirror. I called Brett and told him and quite honestly laughed a little about it cause i couldnt believe what I had done! Oh well, Thank good ness for an Uncle who can get us a new mirror for cheap!


  1. I know how you feel Emily. A few months after Danny and I got married,(34 years ago tomorrow, WOW!!!)I backed into his little brother's truck and crunched the side panel. At least you only took out a side mirror! Ha,ha,ha! Glad you enjoyed the Sweet Cakes! Love you guys!

  2. 3 XBOX'S?????
    Sad day about the mirror!
    Yay for Uncle Ronnie!!!

  3. yay for incentives!and enjoy that health insurance:)

  4. Three XBoxes? That cracks me up! :D

    Sweet Cakes, YUM! Lisa is awesome! :)

  5. Awesome job on the incentives! DOn't feel to bad about the mirror - I was looking at pictures on my camera recently and drove off the road. Thankfully nothing happened! (but I did it too) :p

  6. This would've been a hilarious story if it wasn't about my truck. I hope Uncle Ronnie does Paint and Ding jobs as well as mirrors. My truck better be spotless when you return.