Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a little venting

I cant sleep.
Tonight I found out I didnt get a job I interviewed for last week.
I didnt really tell alot of people about it because in case I didnt get it I didnt want everyone to know I failed. Honestly I just feel embarrassed, I dont know why, thats just the way my mind works sometimes.
I even cancelled a trip to Hawaii because I thought for sure I had it. Wow. Rough.
Now I'm writing about it with hope that it will make me feel better.
I hate failing.
It's not even that I didnt get the job, it's the fact that I know im qualified and would be a great asset to the company and I didnt get chosen because of one interview.
I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do with my career choice. I want to be back in school but I just dont know what to do. I want to have a degree where I can make money, not just get a degree and never use it once I start having kids.
I just looked at programs and honestly I am lost.
I dont have ANY idea what I want to do or what my Heavenly Father wants me to do.
I went and talked to my Dad after finding out I didnt get the job and he helped me remember that everything does happen for a reason and not getting this job is not the end of the world.
I know everything will work out, I just wish it would happen faster.
I cant sit at home much longer!!!!
You can only make so many pumpkins and re-do so many thrift store finds!!!
I just need something!
A job that will work with school.
Is that asking too much?!
Hope not.
Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Hang in there sweetie. I'm praying for you

  2. Hopefully this will cheer you up...YOU WON the giveaway!!! Winning cute stuff is always good! Let me know which board you want. Talk to ya soon!

  3. Hi!
    Check out the new blog I'm starting!
    Add me if you'd like, and tell your friends!

  4. Crying for you right now. It will work out! I believe God has a plan for each person, so I just keep doing what I can--pray, study scriptures, attend the temple--so I am ready and able when that plan becomes obvious to me. Come over and hang out with me anytime!

  5. I am listening to this right now: Why We Sometimes Suffer: Scriptural Examples that Help Us Through Trying Times.

    Why don't we listen together? Just click on the "download MP3" audio link.