Sunday, September 6, 2009

Since we have been home

We have been home for a week and 2 days now! Dont really know what to do with myself but I kind of LOVE that feeling! This past weekend was Brett's Granny and Papa's 60th anniversary! Yep you heard, 60 years! The whole weekend was one big party in honor of them. Friday night all the adults went to Tia Rosas and enjoyed some yummy mexican food and homemade ice cream! Saturday, everyone came over for a huge water party in the Randalls backyard. Huge water slides, pools, Dj and yummmmmyyyy food!

My sweet Mother in law Lisa! I'm so lucky!

Brett and I

Granny and Papa, myself and Brett

Since I have no commitments to work or school I can now join my sisters, mom, aunts and cousin for Friday morning craft group! We have yummy food and create someting wonderful. This month was these little pumpkins....

Kind of proud of myself becasue this was my 1st sewing project ever! Thats why some look a little deformed but hello are any pumpkins perfect? Nope. So I am excited to learn more about sewing so my Mom doesnt have to coach me to make sure i dont hurt myself... but i did anyways.... dont ask. Any who hopfully things will pick up aroud here soon with work and me deciding what I really want to do, but for now I'm getting ready to celebrate Bretts 26th Birthday tomorrow! I got some sick presents, he is getting hooked up to say the least!!! Cant wait! Have a great Labor day!


  1. So so fun!
    Glad you're back!
    Happy Birthday Brett!

  2. The pumpkins are so cute!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!! k when i get home you have to come over and teach me how to make them !!

  3. GET. OUT.
    First of all, you are a beautiful couple! BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!
    Second of all, I'm dying over your pumpkins! FIrst time sewing? Get out!
    P.S. (I like yours better)

  4. Oh my goodness. I made those same pumpkins!! Mine turned out Retarded. Yours on the other hand are so adorable! Seeing how we're some how related(your dad always tells me that every time I see him, ha) I want to join your family craft group! Teach me how to sew and be crafty!!!

  5. Yeah, I tried to sew a button yesterday and my dad had to do it for me because I gave up. Your pumpkins look awesome.

  6. i cant wait to go to your moms and make my pumpkins! i wish i could go to craft days. poo for having to work