Saturday, January 16, 2010

So many things!

Wow its been a long time. Where to start? Well real quick, Christmas was great! Love having 2 families! Here are the Randall girls on Christmas eve in our jammies. Brett loved his Dewalt tool set and I have already had him put them to good use with what you will see below....
This week I have been going crazy with painting and sanding! Brett and I are house sitting starting the beginning of February to who knows when so I have been picking up some old furniture at thrift stores and making them Emily approved. I have had the bench forever but never painted or put fabric on it, now I had a reason to so I painted it black and Brett and I picked out the fabric and reupholstered it. Its fab I know. The little end table, oh don't worry it was 5 bucks, it use to be forest green... real nice, but I had my own idea and painted it the same color and moj pojed scrap book paper on top, I like it. Oh and that book... THE BEST!
Here is Brett doin work son! He is amazing and I love that we were able to do it all together! This is him cutting base boards for our dresser, what I am madly in love with right now...
Found this beauty at Mesa Thrift for..... 14 bucks! Holla! ya it is so nast and smelt like pee pee but when I saw it, it was love at first site! I called Brett and had him come look at itI than convinced him I had a vision and could make it B-E-A-UTIFUL! He believed in me!
Notice the very bottom of it, up close you can see it had some water damage and was just nasty so I had the bright idea of buying pretty baseboard and wrapping it around the whole thing to hide the ugly mess! Brett made perfect beautiful cuts and nailed them in for me than I started my job of painting, first primed it becasue its not even real wood really, it has like plastic wrapping around it, not the most fun to paint but who cares its beautiful now!
Now check out the bottom if it! So sick huh??!?!! Brett and I love it!
And the finsished product!!! Its beautiful!! We will use it as a T.V. stand and today at Mesa thrift we found a coffee table that started out just as ugly but now painted black is lovely and looks like it was meant for this piece! Sorry no pics, its drying as I type, nut it has the same cool design on the top of it that this has on the front! PERFECT!
On another note I got a job at Wells Fargo!! yay!! I will also be starting school on Tuesday with some pretty tough and no fun classes... ugh! Brett is studying for the LSAT and will be taking that on February 7th. Saturday the 23rd I will be running a half marathon in Yuma with my family in honor of my Grandpa Reg who passed away this past year. I'm nervous and excited to have it over with! Hopefully I wont be crawling by the end of it! And last but not least our spread in Arizona Bride Spring Summer issue is now in stores, and well, we look gahood!! Just kidding, but seriously.... any who were excited for all the new changes and things coming our way!


  1. Those look awesome!!! I am jealous! My cheap little ikea coffee table (we have had since we got married) finally crumbled and I have been searching for one I can refinish! Your dresser looks amazing

  2. im going to mesa thrift next week.

  3. Dude you're gonna be ONE STREET OVER FROM ME!!!
    K Brett is so awesome because he's the 2 H's
    Love him.
    Love you and your inner creator!
    Yayayayayay for the jobbity jobertons!!!!!
    Boo for the schoolerty schoolertons.
    Okay I'm done.

  4. K I totally want to go thrift store shopping with you. You have such a good eye!

  5. good stuff em! i want to be creative like you but nope i'm not. so cute!

  6. I'm so jealous, I wish I was as creative as you! For real. I love your purple Vans in your picture too.

    I saw your spread when we got the Bridal magazine. So cute!

  7. That is a bunch of beautiful gorgeous pieces of furniture... You've got the eye, girl. I am trying to learn a bit to do something with this house of mine. I just don't see it. No vision when it comes to design and putting a house together. I'm from Yuma and had no idea they hosted events down there. Looks like you know the Wrights -- I am part of that crazy clan. Very fun site -- good luck on your race!

  8. I love seeing you and Brett working together on your projects. Like parenting, but without the stress :) I'll be praying for you this semester, mainly that you will believe in yourself! You can do it!