Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yuma Marathon and Half Marathon 2010

My Grandpa Reg died this past September and while the family was in town we had this idea to all run a marathon and half marathon in January (his birthday) to honor him. The run was in Yuma where my aunt johnell and uncle dan live. It was Yumas 1st marathon and it was AWESOME! Family came from Mesa, California and Washington to run or just show support. It was an amazing experience running with my sisters, aunts, uncles dad and cousins. Along the run my aunts both told stories I had never heard about my grandpa Reg. He was truly a life saver. He was the starter of the LDS acholics anonymous program called A.D.A.M. He saved countless lifes and was a recovering acholic himself. By his example other people found hope and decided to come clean. I felt so blessed to be able to be with family and come together to do this together in honor of our grandpa, Dad, friend and example. My dad, unlce Dan and our friend brian sharp all ran the full marathon! My two sisters sarah and bekah, my 2 aunts, pam and johnell, cousins kevin and matt, uncle steven and myself all ran the half marathon. It was so awesome! I have never been a runner! the most i ever ran before trainig for this was seriously 2 miles but I can now say I am a half marathon runner! I ran 13 miles yesterday!! It is such a feeling of accomplishment. I never thought I would do something like this. My time was 2 hours, 45 minutes and 59 seconds! Under 3 hours. I ran the whole thing and made my goal. Thanks to my sister bekah and aunt johnell I didnt have to finish alone and they helped push me along and believe in myself. I am so greatful for my family and am so proud of eveyone who ran!! WE KILLED IT!!!! Now on to the next run!!!!
Sorry these pictures start from the end of the race. I dont want to move them all around. ;-(


  1. Hey way to go! Isn't running fun?

    Your dad ran the full marathon?! That's awesome! What was his time?

  2. That's so awesome! I am not a runner either, but my sister is going to do the run from Prescott to here so she is making me run with her, and I was proud I made it 6 miles yesterday..and I don't ever plan on running more than that, so way to go on a 1/2 marathon!

  3. very cool em!! what a neat thing to do as a family and way to go you!!!