Friday, May 29, 2009

A little North Carolina

Hello hello I finally had some time where I could take a few pictures of our life here in NC. 1st picture- my new cool shoes. Walking around all day makes my feet hurt so bad, I tried sandals, but the flatness of them hurt my feet, I tried my running shoes but they hurt and smashed my toes... so today I went and bought these cute things. Picture #2 I have sweet blood as Brett would say and have already been bitten 17 times on my two legs!!! Oh did I mention that I got one on my forehead? Didnt think that was possible! #3 This is Brett on our lunch break, after a little nap it's off to play star wars video games..... ya Star Wars! Moving on, the last pic is of our way cute apartments!! So cute right? It gives ya a little taste of how the homes around here look, they are beautiful, no stucco, its all brick with cute metal siding and amazing porches and columns!! Every house is different and so beautiful. Well thats all i had time for. Also Brett got 4 his 2nd day of selling and 4 the next day as well!!! AMAZING!!! Hope all is well back home!
Love B&E


  1. yo girl! i'm glad you found my blog! congrats on your marriage! i hear brett comes from a great family (my mom & dad went on & on about them).

    keep up the good work selliin.... work it girl!

    p.s. i just made a book for my parents 25th anniversary and stumbled upon a couple of the most hilarious pictures of you and brent and our family when we were little. they rock! i'll try to scan them sometime and post them. you'll just die.

  2. oh emily! Isn't it the worst when you can't control your crying? I hate it when that happens. It always happens at the worst times!
    I am glad that you guys are selling good, and that you are loving married life!

  3. Hey Brett and Em, I love your place! I think dad and I need to come see it in person- in maybe July? I'll keep you posted on that. I am so happy that things are going so well. I am loving your adventures so keep us posted. We love and miss you! Mom

  4. Hey Em! Congrats on getting married! Marriage is awesome and takes a lot of work but it's definitely worth it. I did have a baby! A cute little boy who's so fun and loveable! I see Becca had a little girl. What did she name her? Good luck selling. My husband is in San Diego selling w/ Bryce this yr. Small world huh! He's actually Bryce and Austin's cousin. Tell you family I said Hi. Annie's getting so big! Tell Sammy I said hi too! Hopefully he remembers me. Love ya!

  5. I love the apartment! That's my kind of place... Green, cute homes and a minimal amount of ghetto-ness!

  6. yeah im glad that you found my blog !! and i love the cute pics..! i added you to mine too!!