Monday, May 25, 2009

We made it!!!

Hey Ya'll!!! Our summer adventure has officially started!! WE MADE IT TO NORTH CAROLINA!!! 31 hours later and were here!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Trees are everywhere, peoples homes are dreamy and everything is green!!! It's humid but not hot like AZ. We got in on Sunday and got our apartment settled, which is so awesome by the way and around so much awesome stuff!! Today Brett stayed in and trained while I went out and brought home the bacon with 3 sales. People are really nice here and some have some awesome accents! Brett on the way over here actually started talking with an accent when we were at a drive through.... it was something else. Well just wanted to updat everyone and let ya know were safe and sound and loving being together!! Everyone pray for Brett that he will do awesome tomorrow!!! Love you!!!


  1. what is it that you sell, Em? Glad you are loving your new home, and enjoy your new adventure of a life together :)

  2. Way to go Em! Brett, we will be praying for you tonight and for both of you each day!
    Love, The Jennings

  3. Bahaha he would be talking with an accent!!
    I sure miss you guys!
    Emily, every time I look down the hall and see the light to your room on I almost get up to go talk to you...then I remember you're not there.
    And I see your car and I think "emilys home" then i'm like shes not.
    but i know you're where you need to be!! I love you both very very much!!! we're praying for both of you!
    And HOLLER on 3 sales ona HOLIDAY!!!
    You're da bomb like tick tick tick

  4. NO WAY???!?!?! BRETT AND A LEWIS?? i am just shocked and happy all at once! this is crazy... BRETT RANDALL? this is just awesome. i bet your dad is thrilled about this. not to mention, YOU... of course :)

  5. Way to go!!!! I didn't even know you were starting today! That is soooo awesome! I know you and Brett will just do great! Glad you made it safe and sound. Send pics when you can. Love you both so much! Hugs and smiles, Mama Lisa :)