Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bridal Shower

My shower was this past saturday and was so wonderful! People are so generous and I felt so loved!! Thank you to everyone who helped out, espically Kim who made an amazing vidoe that i had no idea about!!!! Here are a few pics.
Ya you better believe that they wanted me to wear that skirt the wholetime.... i got out of it!
Me and the girl responsible for it all!! Kimmy!

My head wrap and Kylie.. oh and I'm in here to somewhere.

My mama and sisters!!

My beautiful soon to be sister in laws, mother in law, Granny and neices

Jane Wright decorated... enough said!!!! A-mazing!


  1. The sisters, minus Natalie.
    Sad day!!

  2. :) Glad you had a good shower, I remember being overwhelmed by people's generosity at my bridal shower :)

  3. yay the big days almost here! good luck! I'm sure everything will turn out beautifully!