Monday, October 19, 2009

Schnepf Farm's Fun!

This past Saturday I was invited to schnepf Farms out in Queen Creek with my older sister Sarah and younger brother and sister Annie and Sam. It is tradition for Sarah to take them every year so I was excited to be invited! Here a few things we did while on the Farm!

Took a train ride around the farm. At night people jump out and scare you!

Stuffed our own Scarcrow!

Launched balls at pumpkin targets

Rode, well peddled Go carts... I sat out on this one;-)

Climbed some serios rock walls...

Dude trying to smile in my picture.

Oh ya, you bet I made it to the top... barely.

The Crew, ya my eyes are for sure closed.... geez

Thanks for a great Fall memory SARAH!!!

There is also, small roller coasters, and other rides, corn mazes pony riding, hay rides and so much more! Take your little kids, tickets are only $12 at Frys!
Happy Fall!


  1. So fun! Wish I could've gone!!!
    Hey just fyi, if you don't want all that space at the bottom of your posts. Right before publish, go to the bottom and start back spacing till you get to your words.

  2. I have never been to the farm, but I want to go so bad!

    So cute!

  3. Looks like so much fuN! I love that place! Well I just love farms period.

  4. Ooo I want to go there! I love places like that. Looks like so much fun (: