Saturday, October 10, 2009

some crafts

I tried to post a lot of pictures, casue lets be honest, we all love a post with a lot of pictures and a few words.

What do we have here??
An E for Dean and Laura Eaton, I think it turned out nice!
Some clippes for my hur! ah I mean hair.... buy the fabric made like this on clearance at Joannes, glue a clip and button on and there you have it.

Hi, my names Emily and I'm an alcoholic.... kidding. For real. My sister in law saw this in my room and decided to put this on my new pretty bottle. "Scotch, scotch, scotch I love scotch!" -Anchorman
1Without the label I think it awesome! I also picked this little jar up at Goodwill for a buck!
And some old milk bottles. Love them!
Put together a little Thanksgiving decor....
Made my own decor balls. Idea from Thats so cuegly. I still need a few more to fill my jar but i sure love them!
Thats all folks.


  1. So cute! you are becoming quite the crafter

  2. I think it is great you are doing productive things with your free time, and I love seeing this fun new crafty side of you! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. I love all of your crafts! You have such a great style.

  4. ya for crafts. maybe once the baby comes i will have more time to do them...or not!

  5. So cute! I love it all! Okay, some bad news Em, I can't tell you where my wonderful thrift store is :( I really can't! I, like you, am sick of all of them being sucky. I did find a few cute things at the thrift stores in Utah though, so maybe you should try anther town? You know I love you, but I can't do it..

  6. Oh, and I love those little decor balls. I have passed those up at the dollar store a few times, but now that I see yours I am buying me some! Thanks Em!

  7. When did you become Ms. Crafty???
    Those clips are TOO CUTE!