Friday, August 7, 2009


Were coming home September 4th and were staying home! Originally the plan was to fly down for Granny and Papa's 60th and fly back the 7th, than drive home the 12th... made no sense so were flying home on the 4th for good! yay!!
Why I need to come home...
1. I have been bit by little dogs not once, not twice but yesterday made it 3 TIMES!
2. I need to work out again! Dad when I get home... me. you. ww track. Be there.
3. I'm sick of not being able to cook normal food, no more boxed pizza!!
4. I cant wait to get home and craft again, I miss making my head bands and redoing old thrift store stuff!
5. My nieces and nephews need me!! (or I need them)
6. I need my girl friends back, I'm around boys 24/7!!!
7. I need the dry heat, no more of this 88% humidity everyday! No Way!
8. Kind of need to find a job when I get back... any ideas?
9. Must address and send all the thank you cards from our wedding!!!!!
10. Mosquitoes anyone? No one knows what real bugs are like until they come to the south!
11. And most of all, I just miss our family and friends! I need some familiar faces!
See ya in 27 days!


  1. YES!!! We are sooooo excited too! Count down begins! Love you!

  2. so exciting! I can't wait to be home! I get butterflies anytime I think about it! Just about one more week for me! Your hair looks darling by the way. Also, I ran this brilliant idea past lauren a few weeks ago...we are going to start doing a girls craft night a few times a month once we get home. We are all going to take turns hosting a craft, anyway its going to be so fun! And refreshing to have a girls night every once in a while! So you are welcome to join if you want!

  3. That is so exciting. I will pretend not to be jealous... ok so I'm not a very good pretender! :)

    Im really happy for you, all the things you are going back for, sound great! That is such a great picture at the end of the post!

  4. Oh I know the feeling! Home here we come!! Your hair looks darling!

  5. See you soon....and then the fun really begins...

    Mama Carla

  6. Yes...that would be it! With Mehico right over the hill.

  7. I NEED YOU! I can't wait girl! I am home now then you will be home and it will be glorious!! LOVE YOU! Cant wait! I think i shall make a paper chain in efforts to make the day go by faster! :)