Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shopping Spree

So I was given a 180.00 Visa card for a past incentive, after activating it online I found out that on august 24th they would charge me a 3.00 service charge! LAME!! So obviously I had to spend it now! So yesterday after work I went shopping and spent it ALL! Here's what I came back with!

1st I ordered the cute swimsuit that you all saw on my past post. Checking the mail daily to see if it's here yet!!

2nd I bought my Mom a Saweet Birthday present, sorry cant show ya....

3rd These cute jeans and a few shirts!

4th Black boots, I have been wanting a pair of flat black ones, I always see girls sportin them and they look so cute, I'm gonna try them out! Hope they are as cute as I think they could be!
5th This way cute Glass calender thingy!! Didn't have a price tag on it so I took it up and they gave it to me for 7.99!! Holla at your girl TJ MAX!

And last but defiantly not least these cute apothecary jars! On clerance for 7 bucks each! I got a few for my wedding and cant wait to fill them in my future home! I want to fill one with corks, I think it would be beautiful! Cant wait!


  1. Shopping spreeeeeeee!!!!
    That sounds so weird and awesome at the same time!!
    looks like you had fun!
    It probably took you like what? two hours to get all that stuff??
    You speedy shopper you!

  2. gotta love a good shopping spree!!! how fun :) i love the black boots. awesome.

    I saw that "make it and love it" blog on your blog.... thanks for sharing the love!! that is such a sweet blog :) it makes me want to get all crafty :) see ya!

  3. FUN! I love shopping sprees! And good work for getting all that for $177 :o)

  4. I love me a good shopping spreeeeeeeeeeee!

    (nice, on the incentives)

    ps. I want a pair of boots now. You've inspired me.

  5. You shop like I play the piano--really well :)